Crystals For Busy Moms

Ever feel like- Today is the day I’m gonna totally loose my s***! 😳 I think we all feel like that at some point or another. Being a mom is no easy job. I recently saw the movie Bad Moms, and it totally resonated with me. Some days you are so busy, and everything seems to go haywire, and it makes you question your sanity. This typically takes place for me in the car- like the scene where Mila Kunis spills coffee all over herself, reason one why I keep crystals in my car now. For that blog post scroll down my feed👇 But, no matter where you are you can do a little self healing and give yourself a break with these crystals;

Rose Quartz- most people see this crystal as vibrating to the frequency of love for others, but what it helps with even more is love of yourself and total acceptance. This quartz will help you to forgive yourself for what you see as short comings, and accept yourself for the beautiful mother that you are. It will also help you to realize when you need a little more ‘me’ time.

Carnelian in Agate- Put the coffee down lady! Feeling worn out? Get your carnelian out it is the pick me up you are looking for, and added boost when it’s in agate it balances your moods and grounds you so you don’t feel stressed and scattered.
Rainbow Moonstone- The crystal of joy and Mommas everywhere. Moonstone is all about maternal energy and all the joy that comes with that. It can help put your life back in perspective, because motherhood is such a blessing.

Amethyst- Not getting enough sleep because of wee ones? Pop this little baby under your pillow to help calm you to sleep. Still need more? Add some howlite to that. It will be just what the doctor ordered.

Setting up your own sacred space for your crystals can also help you to regain your focus for all your mothering responsibilities. When you are balanced everyone in your house hold can be too.


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