Crystals for Breakups

✨🌘 We all know that feeling of being heart broken 💔 You know what I’m taking about… The dreaded break up. Crystals can help will all sorts of things even heart ache and heart break.
If this is something you are experiencing know you are not alone and that support is on its way. 💞
A few crystals that can help you during this time:
Hematite- for grounding and support, knowing you are supported by the universe and have internal strength
Sunstone- this stone is for joy and uplifting vibes during your time of need
Chrysoprase- for optimism, forgiveness of others and yourself as well as self acceptance
Peridot- for manifestation of a new beginning or new love
Carnelian-for encouraging thoughts, motivation and passion to move forward
Sending good vibes to all of you experiencing this right now 💕



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