Crystals for Banishing Fear

Sometimes it is hard to speak your truth because of fear. My biggest struggle lately has been fear- fear of what people will think if I do what I need to do to thrive. With my chaistolite around my neck, I decided today was a day I had to set boundaries around what I will help people with and what I will not. Up until this point I have not done this. I have been up all hours of the day and night answering messages making myself available to people, running myself ragged, and burning myself out because I have not set boundaries. I was afraid what people would think if I wasn’t available, what people would say, or even that they would blame me for their own failure or success. Today I decided to give this up because really I am only responsible for myself- and I can be accountable for my own personal neglect and say I will not stand for that anymore. I turned my fear into my motivation to be authentic and speak my truth because it was so needed- now I can move forward into my own balance and be better for the people around me and on my team. This doesn’t make me a bad person, or mean I am not doing all that I can do to heal this world and those who I come into contact with, it just means that I cannot do all this at my own expense. I am reclaiming my space.


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