The Highly Aligned Soulpreneurs Club is a hub for CRYSTAL LOVERS, SPIRITUAL ENTREPRENEURS, LIKE MINDS and SELF HEALERS to discover and learn more about business and spiritual tools. Free resources, guides, LIVE monthly calls, Q&A support, and more will provided for you in the group to create an impact in your life, other’s lives, and your community using crystal healing.

You’ll get:

❤ The support and connection to others like you

❤ Access to Jenn for Q&A on crystals and other holistic tools

❤ Facebook LIVE’s where you can connect, and learn about different crystal topics, ask questions, and receive crystal readings


Housekeeping: no negativity, no fighting or judgement of others idea, no solicitation, no fake profiles spammy stuff, no flooding the page with personal promotion there are designated posts for your offerings and freebies. If your cool with that, we are cool with you 🙂

PRAISE for the Community


Nadine Northway, Singer, Musician 

This group encourages growth and knowledge of why we’re doing what we’re doing. Anyone in looking understand their purpose, or more about themselves at a soul level should join this group!



Porcha Cheatham, Lifestyle Blogger, Yogi 

Jenn is super motivating, and a great teacher. I joined everything I could that she has to offer! I’ve learned so much in just a short amount of time from chakras, crystals, crystal grids, essential oils, different mindfulness exercises to setting my intentions for my journey and business. I highly recommend her community to anyone who may be interested but may not know where to start!

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