Are healing crystals magic? Healing crystals are simply any crystal, gemstone, or rock that is made by nature (not man made). Anything that comes from the earth has a vibration because of the energy it takes from the earth to form it during its creation. A crystal is taken from the earth (by mining) and used for its unique metaphysical and vibrational properties (which are imprinted within it from the unique processes that forms it- ex. heat, pressure, cold, presence of water, presence of volcanic matter, and so on).

People use crystals in many different applications to shift (change) energy or magnify (amplify) energy. You can find crystals used in jewelry, electronics, home decor, and in metaphysical healing as tool to improve the energy in ones body or around a space.

Crystals work in many ways and have a vast array of healing properties. They can absorb and transmute negative energy, they can bring energy up with their vibration, they can simply make you happy when you look at them, they can purify energy, and they can bring overall balance.

When a crystal with its earth given vibration, comes into contact with an area of the body (which is called crystal healing) it will seek to balance out that area’s vibrational pattern. This is how crystal healing works. You use a healing crystal to improve a physical, emotional, or spiritual misalignment. When we talk about applied crystal healing we specifically use crystals to improve chakra system functioning so that your body is essential ‘tuned’ to the most optimal vibrational pattern.

So is it magic? No. Is it science- yes!


Interested in crystals feeling a little less woo-woo and more every day applicable in your life for more balance? The Crystal Healing Certification is the perfect place to start; beginners welcome! You’ll learn how to apply crystals to many areas of your life (including emotional balance, chakra balancing/ releasing of that ‘stuck’ energy, home energy flow so your place has #allthegoodvibes, crystals to help your business/finances prosper, how to make crystal grids, and so much more!) AND if you want to become a healing practitioner this course provides you the foundation to practice crystal healing on others safely (PLUS you get to add ‘CCH’ at the end of your name when you graduate, how cool is that?) Will you join us? click here: Join The Crystal Healing Certification


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