Do you desire to be aligned with you life purpose? At PEACE. Living an abundant life? Healing others? Re-sparking your creativity and inner light?

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Have you ever wanted to know who you are at soul level? Why you are here, what you soul’s life purpose is, what path you are supposed to be on, and exactly what is preventing you from moving forward? Soul Level Alignment + Clearing is designed to give you access to this information so that you can move through your life released from any residual past life trauma, or misalignment from this lifetime with a completely unique blueprint customized to who you are at soul level by accessing your Akashic Records.

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Certified CrystalYoga™ Teacher, Certified Crystal Healer Program gives you the skills, accreditation, and confidence to become a yoga teacher and holistic healing in the competitive yoga market with a unique offering using crystals, so you can become a yoga teacher in a short amount of time and make an income that allows you to create the freedom from a 9-5 that you desire.

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You can change lives, self-heal, and learn more about how crystals work as holistic healing tools, with the Certified Crystal Healing (CCH) Course. This course takes your from beginner to pro. The comprehensive curriculum and business materials will prepare you to become a holistic healing practitioner and expert in the healing realm. This course also has an added option for becoming a Crystal Healer Master with a Healing Crystal Attunement. This course is currently open for enrollment.

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