Certified CrystalYoga™ Teacher, Certified Crystal Healer Program gives you the skills, accreditation, and confidence to become a yoga teacher and holistic healing in the competitive yoga market with a unique offering using crystals, so you can become a yoga teacher in a short amount of time and make an income that allows you to create the freedom from a 9-5 that you desire.

You can change lives, self-heal, and learn more about how crystals work as holistic healing tools, with the Certified Crystal Healing (CCH) Course. This course takes your from beginner to pro. The comprehensive curriculum and business materials will prepare you to become a holistic healing practitioner and expert in the healing realm. This course also has an added option for becoming a Crystal Healer Master with a Healing Crystal Attunement. 

The moon is a mysterious and magical being. Astrologically the moon dictates our day to day emotions. From a practical view we as humans are mostly water, and the moon pulls water (that’s how waves and tides exist.) Thus we can expect that the moons pull has some sort of affect on us. Different moon phases cause us to experience different emotions, and when we use them to work with the moon by creating rituals or habits we can become more aware of how the moon specifically affects us, and how we can work with this instead of against it.

I’ll take you on an exploration of the moon, her phases, and how you can attune to them. You will learn to know how the moon affects you specifically through each phase, and how best to balance it, as well as use it to your advantage and full potential.

This course is for women who want to explore their own energetic imbalances in order to find more balance, energy, and joy in life- plus deeper develop their abilities to heal others. In this course you will learn how to detect, and look for imbalances, and a plethora of tools to get your energy flowing free again. You will also become certified to heal others’ chakras.

Signology is a course designed for spiritual beginners who are feeling imbalanced,  suffer from anxiety and depression, stressed, and disconnected so that they can feel emotionally, and spiritual connected in their lives and experience more ease, and joy. You’ll gain access to your guides, animal totems and learn how to understand how they communicate with you daily, as well as become empowered with energy-shifting meditations. 


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