This course is for women who want to explore their own energetic imbalances in order to find more balance, energy, and joy in life- plus deeper develop their abilities to heal others. In this course you will learn how to detect, and look for imbalances, and a plethora of tools to get your energy flowing free again.

What you get:

❤Self paced online course on the chakras from beginner level to advance
❤Downloadable PDFs: Course Workbooks, Course Checklist, Journaling Sheets, Business Material
❤Upon completion of the course (after test submission) you will receive the seal of Certified Chakra Healer to use for your Business or Website

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WEEK 1: Anatomy 

The anatomy of the physical, emotional, auric, karmic, and spiritual body. Understanding what the chakras are and why they are important.

WEEK 2: Chakra Basics

Learning the 7 basic chakras and the extended chakra system.

WEEK 3: Diving In (Chakras 1-3)

The ins and outs and nitty gritty of chakras 1-3. What these chakras represent, how they function, and how to balance them in every way you can think of from foods to unique meditation tools. Crystals for balancing Chakras 1-3.

WEEK 4: Diving In (Chakras 4-7) 

The ins and outs and nitty gritty of chakras 4-7. What these chakras represent, how they function, and how to balance them. Crystals for balancing Chakras 4-7. Astrology and how it relates to the chakras. Additional chakras, how to activate them, and crystals to balance them.

WEEK 5: Methods of Energetic Healing

In this module you’ll learn all the various tools you can use to bring chakras into balance, and discover which tools you like best. We will also chat about various other forms of energy work; Reiki, Reflexology, and more that mesh well with chakra healing.

WEEK 6: Performing A Session

Balance, and activate your chakras using sound meditation. Learn how to perform a session from intake to closing.

WEEK 7: Set Up

In the final week you will learn how to set up your holistic business practice, receive paperwork outlines to use for clients, and tips on how to maintain your schedule, professionalism, and ethics.



Chakra Healing Certification is a journey into raising our awareness which will help us healing emotional, spiritual, and physical issues lying in our chakra system. Each chakra (or “wheel” of energy) located at a specific areas in our body governs different body parts and systems, organs, emotions, and parts of our psychological make up. When we learn to remove blockages from this energetic system and find balance we have better health, emotional and auric anatomy. This certification focuses on the Major 7 Chakras starting at the tailbone moving through the crown of the head, as well as the basic extended chakras, and will teach you how to get theses chakras balance, and moving with optimal energy for healing and spiritual growth. You’ll also get access to the course support group online


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