What are the chakras? How do they work?

Our first stop on the journey of crystals and the chakras is the chakra chart. As seen here, we will be focusing on the ‘Basic 7’ chakras (or dense areas of energy in the body) starting at the base of the spine and moving up through the crown of the head. The chakras are known as a part of the ‘subtle body.’ There are well over 100 chakras all moving through and outside of the body, but for this series we will focus on these 7.

The chakras (dense energy areas) have a frequency or spin in a circles of about 10 seconds going clockwise. Factors in our life like; blockages, habits, perception, traumas, judgement, and our day to day activities affect our energy and this affect our chakras that govern those specific areas. These activities and stresses can change the spin rate of the chakra making it too fast, or too slow instead of just right. We call this a ‘excessive’ chakra or ‘deficient’ chakra, and the normal state is ‘balanced.’ Over the next few days I will introduce you to each chakra, you will discover balance, excessive, and deficient traits and what can cause them, which crystals, and essential oils to use and how to use them to balance the aligning chakra, and more.


Looking to dive into your own self-discovery? The chakras are an amazing tool for self-reflection and healing. They give us a way to look at our past and the blockages we feel in our phsyical bodies from old wounds and traumas and actually remove the ‘stuck’ energy so we feel lighter, and more peaceful. In the Chakra Healing Course, you’ll explore leaks in your energy, learn how to correct them, balance your own emotions and energy, and you can become a healing practitioner for others. You’ll learn all the techniques you need to safely tune into other’s energies, and provide energy clearing sessions that pack a punch– leaving your clients feeling restored and renewed. Will you join us in the Chakra Healing Course now? CLICK HERE


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