Chakra Balancing Challenge- Post 11

Loving this information on the chakras? The chakra system is a way for us to begin to see where we can make change in our lives to find more balance. If you feel stressed out, overworked, and lack consistency in your own self-care routine, please join my 5-Day chakra challenge.

Join us:

(in this space is a chakra balancing challenge, and also our certification course community.)

You will learn ⠀
❤ What the chakras look like when they are balanced and imbalanced ⠀
💛 Easy tools you can use to balance them daily ⠀
💚 Yoga poses for each chakra ⠀
💙 How the chakra system connects to many other holistic healing modalities ⠀
💜 Essential Oils and more chakra balancing tools and how to use them

Dive into your own self-discovery and healing around the chakras. Visit the Chakra Healing Certification Course Now:

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