Certified Crystal Healing Course

When I found A Certified Crystal Healing Course, it felt like everything in my life finally came together. I had been collecting rocks and crystals since childhood and just intuitively using them– doing things like putting them under my pillow, and around my room. I didn’t really know what or why I just knew it made since to me at the time. The Crystal Healing Course taught me that what I was doing made perfect since, I was trying to balance out my life and seek alignment for years! 💕 This Course was the missing piece I had been seeking– since taking this course my life has moved in so many new and exciting ways– not only am I a course provider, leading online and in person, but I am currently building my own courses, and am a certified metaphysical school. All it took was one piece to come together to wake up everything and find total alignment in my life. It only took one step!

Interested in more crystal information or want to become a Certified Crystal Healer so that you can provide healing sessions to others?  To learn more, and sign up, visit: http://soulfilledyogi.com/crystal-healing-certification/


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