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Holistic Life

Living With Your Heart

Open your heart up. When you lead with your heart all else falls into place. My recipe for staying heart centered each day, is to ask my self the question, “what is underneath that?” Meaning, that in everything I do, I check my motive. If what I do comes from a sticky place, that doesn’t […]

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Smudging 101- How To Use Smudge

Smudging 101: What is smudging? How does smudging work? Smudging originates as a North and South Native American ritual to cleanse and purify before or during ceremonies, and to call for balance and harmony. This technique has been done for centuries and is still done today. However, smudging has adapted into a technique the every […]

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Holistic Techniques For Better Sleep

Finding a balanced sleep pattern can be hard to do, but can be one of the most rewarding efforts for improving your daily energy. Each body has an imbedded internal sleep cycle and when it’s not finite it can lead to dwindling energy, overwhelm, lack of motivation, and stress to the body. Learn more on […]

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