7 Journal Prompts To Heal Your Chakras For Greater Self-Awareness + Life Transformation

7 Journal Prompts To Heal Your Chakras For Greater Self-Awareness + Life Transformation The way your body functions has a lot to do with the way you choose to process your human experience. Throughout your life you may experience emotional blockages caused by traumas and experiences that you’ve struggled with. Ready to dive in right now? Snag your free Chakra Healing Guide: DOWNLOAD NOW When you’re face-to-face with these emotional blockages you can feel like you’re on the losing side of the battle. Many of us feel like we take the back seat and let our emotions take a hold […]

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Pause To Grow

Here is the deal — In our culture we are always on the go. We move quickly, and do so much. We struggle with downtime even in our own spiritual development. But when we apply this mentality on to our spiritual growth we can experience karmic burn out. We can’t work on all of our lessons at once. We need time for our growth to sink in. Just as you watch a plant grow or flower blossom in stages, it doesn’t happen all at once, it would be a shock to the plants system. The plant needs to conserve energy […]

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High Drive + Intuition

When you are someone who lives with high drive, sometimes intuition can be pushed to the wayside (even if your intuition is strong.) It seems like these two things are always trying to battle and one is trying to win the war. But the truth is they both can exists together. For most of my life my drive has run the show. My intuition was always something I knew I had because it was so strong in my childhood, but instead of trusting it I decided that I had to force and fight my way to accomplishment. It was like […]

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EGO, SOUL and the SPIRIT! Do you know the difference?

EGO, SOUL and the SPIRIT! Do you know the difference? THE EGO: the ego is the human part of us and sees itself as separate, it’s the inner critic, judge and victim. It’s driven by fear and finds it hard to trust others, it lives in the past and creates dramas in our life. When we live in ego town, we are controlled by our fears. Now it’s good to know we do actually need our ego to survive in this world, however, our life will flow more when our ego is serving and supporting the callings of our soul. […]

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Diving Into Essential Oils- How I Found My Community

So let’s talk my journey. We are going to rewind from today to 3ish years ago… I was running Instagram challenges for big yoga brands online. Coordinating all sponsors and hosts, writing and text. I had my website and brand created but I was burning out and I couldn’t figure out how my brand could make me money, or how I was ever going to make my dream become a reality.  Though I had run other successful businesses, I felt like I didn’t know how to navigate the online yoga market and create something that would allow me to feel […]

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Reflections On a Year

August 2017- Laying here this morning listening to the rain above me. Using this time to pause and reflect on where I’ve come from. In a month it will be my 1 year business anniversary. This business was my way of culminating my passions, and my new direction of alignment. I have no shame in saying my prior business was a learning experience preparing me for this business and helping me to clearly identify what I didn’t want in a business—burn out, and stress. In this one year, I have stepped into my truth, stepped away from aspects of my […]

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