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Crystal Healing

Cleansing Your Aura With Crystals And Crystals for Empathic Protection

Your aura is the energy throughout and outside of (surrounding) your body, and some times (you guessed it) it needs to be cleansed. This could be due to low vibration energies (like sadness, or depression), stale energy (lack of motivation) or a taking on of other’s energies (emapthic/empathy.)  If you feel slow, sluggish or feel […]

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Crystals for Grounding & Protection

Grounding is an extremely important part of healing work when healing your self or others. Why? Because if you leave people or yourself without proper grounding you leave an openness for unwanted things to creep in energetically. Imagine it like a box of precious items that you just left open on a sidewalk, would you […]

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