Crystals for Sinus Infections

I have been battling a pretty intense sinus infection this week. Sinus pain, dizziness, vertigo, these things are no fun. But today I took to my crystals to help me with the pressure and pain. The crystals that are best to help with sinus infections and pressure are: Blue Lace Agate: for the pain Carnelian: to draw out the infection  Green Adventurine: for overall healing  Aquamarine: for headaches  Set the crystals on the affected areas for roughly 7-15 minutes. I felt a real difference within 5- but these crystals were charged with a crystal singing bowl before hand from my very amazing friend 

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Crystal Healing For Kids

Crystal healing for kids! Crystal healing is very effective on little ones, but as always energetic consent is a must.  Anytime we heal anyone or anything it’s important that we respect energetic boundaries. So, how can we get consent from an infant or toddler? There are many ways to go about this. The easiest is to put crystals by them and see if they are open enough to the energy to reach out or touch them – not only is this telling you they approve but it may also give you an indication as to what they need help with […]

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Crystals for Busy Moms

Being a mom is no easy job. I recently saw the movie Bad Moms, and it totally resonated with me. Some days you are so busy, and everything seems to go haywire, and it makes you question your sanity. This typically takes place for me in the car- like the scene where Mila Kunis spills coffee all over herself, reason one why I keep crystals in my car now. But, no matter where you are you can do a little self-healing and give yourself a break with these crystals: Rose Quartz – most people see this crystal as vibrating to […]

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What is a Mala Necklace?

What is a Mala Necklace? A Mala Necklace is a great tool for spiritual beginners. They are more than just a piece of but a purposeful and energetic tool for mindfulness. Malas are used in meditation and mindfulness as a focal point or drishti (eye gaze- internal and external.) Holding your Mala in your right hand to the right of the large bead with your pointer finger and thumb you begin to scroll through each bead until you reach the opposite side of the strand. As you move through each bead you repeat a mantra (or affirmation.) For the optimal […]

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Safe Travels, My Go-To’s for Travel

If your anything like me, the whole time you are on a flight or in an airport you are thinking of all the things that could happen. My mind races something fierce. So I came prepared for this trip. My airport survival kit has everything you may need for your trip. I use clary calm to remain calm during the flight and while I am in the air. I use chiastolite for any fears around traveling, flights, heights etc. I pack my on guard to keep my immune system up and apply it to my feet periodically throughout the day […]

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