Should I Buy A Crystal At; TJMAXX, Marshalls, Target, or Home Goods?

Have you ever been at an off-price retailer like Marshalls, TJMaxx, or Target, and noticed a crystal, but wondered if you should buy it because of the store? It’s good that you thought to question your purchase, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make your purchase. When selecting crystals it’s all about energy. When something catches your eye that is your intuitions way of saying pay attention! Meaning that what is calling out to you will most likely suit you. When you are in a retail store however you may want to consider that though your intuition is working for you, the crystals energy may be a little worn because of its ride to the shelf. Often in retail many things are haphazardly packed into boxes with little care and unloaded quickly. Your crystal may be a little ‘sad’ so, you may have to give it a little extra love. If you choose to buy it take a look at the condition, hold it in your hands and see how it feels, if you still feel good about it, buy it. When you get home make sure to spend some extra time meditating with your crystal and clearing it with intention.

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