Crystals for Sinus Infections

I have been battling a pretty intense sinus infection this week. Sinus pain, dizziness, vertigo, these things are no fun. But today I took to my crystals to help me with the pressure and pain. The crystals that are best to help with sinus infections and pressure are: Blue Lace Agate: for the pain Carnelian: to draw out the infection  Green Adventurine: for overall healing  Aquamarine: for headaches  Set the crystals on the affected areas for roughly 7-15 minutes. I felt a real difference within 5- but these crystals were charged with a crystal singing bowl before hand from my very amazing friend 

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7 Journal Prompts To Heal Your Chakras For Greater Self-Awareness + Life Transformation

7 Journal Prompts To Heal Your Chakras For Greater Self-Awareness + Life Transformation The way your body functions has a lot to do with the way you choose to process your human experience. Throughout your life you may experience emotional blockages caused by traumas and experiences that you’ve struggled with. Ready to dive in right now? Snag your free Chakra Healing Guide: DOWNLOAD NOW When you’re face-to-face with these emotional blockages you can feel like you’re on the losing side of the battle. Many of us feel like we take the back seat and let our emotions take a hold […]

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New Moon February 2018 Energy Report

Happy New Moon in Aquarius! We are being asked what we will take a stand for! What boundaries have you not set that are causing you emotional turmoil? How have you taken on roles and responsibilities that were never yours to please others? How have you looked at yourself as separate from (having to earn your keep) or a step above others? You are them and they are you. Time to lead with joy in EVERY aspect of your life. Ask yourself- Does this bring me joy? If its not a RINGING, BRILLIANT, VIBRANT yes this brings me a joy- […]

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New Moon January 2018 Energy Report

This full moon will ask us to evaluate our self-worth and what we feel we are capable of. We are also asked to reflect on our boundaries and make sure we feel they serve us. If they dont, its time for things to look differently in our lives. Journal Prompts: Am I ok with downtime in order to reflect? Have I  put myself first or last?  Do I have a lot of brain chatter and and my negative self-talk?  Do I make decisions only from my true soul space and inner knowing?  Can I  let go of what is not serving […]

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Full Moon January 2018 Energy Report

Wondering why you’re feeling emotional, or sensitive lately? We are amping up for a Blue Super moon on January 31st. This is a great time of abundance and manifestation for our dreams and desires, but first we must get our fears and the deep-down stories that aren’t serving us, out of the way. We are being straight up confronted by them! They key here is to lean into them instead of running from them. The way out is in! Explore what your thoughts and emotions are trying to tell you – especially if you don’t like them! Identify what is […]

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Animal Totem: Panda

I recently needed to take a little hibernation. In order to love ourselves deeply sometimes, we need to do things that we find difficult. I took time away to not think about business, to close my academy, and to be off of social media. This was much needed. I needed to shut down to find clarity. During this time, I was meditating and the Panda Bear animal totem came to me during a heart chakra meditation. This animal is a sign of luck, growth, harmony, and most of all balance. This spoke to me deeply as I have never connected […]

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