Your aura is the energy throughout and outside of (surrounding) your body, and some times (you guessed it) it needs to be cleansed. This could be due to low vibration energies (like sadness, or depression), stale energy (lack of motivation) or a taking on of other’s energies (empathic/empathy.)  If you feel slow, sluggish or feel like your energy has been infringed upon by someone else, cleansing your aura IS for you!

We have all heard about smudging but there are situations where smudging is not appropriate or simply will not do the job, PLUS you really don’t want to be smudging all of the time. So, this is where we turn to aura cleansing tools.

My favorite is the Obsidian Arrowhead. This tool is very powerful, so it’s not one you would want to wear as jewelry or keep on your body. But it is the perfect guy for the job when you feel your auric boundaries have been crossed because this tool can help you cut those cords. Simply take your arrow head and brush it around your ‘field’ (simply around your body in front) of you in a clockwise circle a few times.

You can also perform a cord cutting technique using the arrow head.

My second favorite crystal for energy cleansing and protection is Apache Tear. This tool is perfect for keeping your aura protected as you go about your day. Simply keep this one on you in your pocket or wear as jewelry.

You can also use Black Tourmaline. This crystal does triple duty, it cleanses (transmutes energy), keeps you grounded, protects your auric field. You can keep it on you, use it for an aura protection grid or even protect a space using it, perhaps one that you are physically in much of the day.

These tools can help you ‘cut the cords’ of energy from others that you don’t want, ground you, and protect you.


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