There are two types of people in this world; ones who do, and ones who do-not. Ones who take risks, go big and are willing to fail at it, and then those who don’t try at all because they are scared of failure or in fear of what happens if things go wrong (and sometimes even what happens if things go right.) I was never the type 2 person.

I’ve always been the risk taker, willing to do things differently, paving my own way. I don’t wait to long or dwell on the fence. I get scared sometimes but I know I learn so much from my failure that in fact failure is not failure at all- failure is a step towards growth.

If you have been a fence dweller, inactive, non-mobile, halted with fear of the unknown, know this, you can choose to do things differently. You can choose to go from in the fence to a trailblazing soul on fire, and that I hope that you do, because life is so much more rewarding when we go at it all in. Choose to be ALL IN!

If you are all in, and you want more fearless self-discovery, you wanna do the hard work and you want to change others lives. What type of person are you? Type 1 or type 2- and what do you commit to right now in this moment? What will you give up? How will you stand up for your best-self?

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