Creating crystal grids can be an extremely powerful process for healing, setting intentions, manifestation of goals and desires, and so much more. So, how exactly is the process done? Here are some pointers to get you off to a great start on how to do your own crystal grid.

What is a crystal grid?

A crystal grid is laying down crystals onto a geometric pattern or sacred geometry shape for a specific purpose.

Why crystal grid?

Using multiple crystals (multiples of the same type and different types) increases the healing power that each of the crystals holds. Example: Clear quartz is the master healer used for any and all healing, combined with Fluorite which clears negative energy, and creates peace, and calming for over all health, this combination would magnify all properties of overall healing.

How do I start?

Always start with an intention. Ask yourself, why I am creating a grid? What is the purpose or end goal? You may create a grid for love, prosperity, overall health, manifestation of a goal or desire, protection, or clearing of negative energy– just to name a few. From there you are going to want to select your stones based on answer as an intention. The crystals you choose should serve some purpose towards that intention. Ex. for a love grid, you would want to choose rose quartz, malachite, green calcite, stones applicable to that set intention. You are going to need multiples of the crystals you have chosen. From there you choose a grid or can make your own. Some simple grids are; one center stone, one circle of stones surrounding it, and one more circle of stones surrounding that. Typically you choose one center stone, a different type of stone for a whole first circle around the center stone, and another different type of stone for the whole second circle and so on. For examples of geometry shapes, you can always Google ‘Sacred Geometry for….(blank)’ and print out the grid and use the crystals on top of that, to check out some of the links at the bottom of this post. Most sacred geometry grids are mandalas. Tiny Devotions recently did a Sacred Geometry grid coloring book with a lot of really great grids shown in the image above.

One very typical Sacred Geometry is the Flower of Life.

More about the grid…

The center stone is called the Focus Stone: It collects the energy manifested in the grid inward and projects it outward.

The first ring of stones are called the Way Stones: They are the highest energy amplifiers moving energy towards the Focus Stone. Clear Quartz is a great amplifier.

The second or outermost ring of stones are called the Desire Stones: They represent the purpose of the grid or what the end goal of the grid is. ex. to produce love

The lines within the grid are called the Path. Typically crystals are put on the cross points of two path lines.

Where should I put my grid?

Most people use grids for meditation on their alters, but grids may be left up for longer amounts of time and put into the specific fung shui bagua rooms that correspond. Put grids that have a certain intention or goal with the baguas that match up. For example a prosperity grid would go in the power, wealth, and abundance (back left corner) area of the home.

Most importantly, make sure to activate your grid. Using a crystal wand (a crystal with some form of a point) connect all of your stones in each layer of the grid back to the center stone. Imagine you are drawing an invisible line from each stone back to the center of the grid.

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