When alignment shows up, don’t miss it!

I had an epiphany yesterday. I had been feeling kind of off, because let’s face it I’m not good at resting. After finishing 3 courses most people would think down time is a must, but not me, it doesn’t come easily to me. I had been forcing myself to rest and this was creating a ton of resistance for me. I took a yoga class last night and the teacher, and my friend, said “what if we just let things in our lives be a shift, then we can float much more easily through them.” I realized in that moment that instead of letting downtime be natural I forced it and judged it, making it have to be, and furthermore it was causing me to miss the important place I am in- true alignment. I was being of the mindset of force, and it was leading me to miss out on gratitude. I am grateful because I am more in alignment than I have ever been.

Things have fallen away that I needed to, including people that I wasn’t in alignment with, and all for a greater purpose. I have accomplished things I dreamed of doing years ago. I wasn’t looking at that, I was looking at what I thought I “should do.” The fact is there is nothing we “should do.” We ought to do what we know is in alignment, whether that looks like rest, looks like work, nothing is defined until we make it definable. We are the only people that put ourselves in boxes. My aim this week is to move intuitively and look at how in alignment I am, and feel how that feels. Let’s make the shift and stay true to ourselves by staying in integrity.

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