Day 1: Crystals & Holistic Healing

Learn the basics of crystals and how they can be used as tools to help you heal your mind, body, and soul. This session is the starting point to using crystals in your own life, shows you how they work, and teaches you how to use your intuition for healing.

  • Resources to use to help you in crystal identification
  • Basic Crystal Kit for the Chakras 
  • About the Chakra System
  • How to cleanse and clear crystals
  • How to meditate with crystals
  • How to select stones  
  • Crystal placement for the home
  • Crystals for basic ailments/ crystal prescriptions


Day 2 Part 1: Crystals for Self Discovery & Self Healing

Learn how to use crystals to remove blockages in your own auric body that are preventing you from moving forward in your life.

  • Crystals for manifestation
  • Crystals and other tools for self protection/ energy protection
  • Crystal grids for the body


Day 2 Part 2: Crystals Advanced Level

Grounding and protecting yourself from others energies

  • How to protect your home
  • Crystal Grids & Sacred Geometry (stone selection, elements and step by step how to)
  • Pendulums & Wands 
  • Gem Elixirs


Day 3: Incorporating Crystals Into Your Healing Arts Work, Crystal Healing Certification 

  • How to perform a session
  • Practicum performing a session
  • How to become a crystal healer (step-by-step performing a session)
    1. Do’s & Dont’s
    2. Precautions
    3. Paperwork
    4. Techniques
    5. Aftercare

Day 4 Optional: Crystal Healing Master Attunement 

Part 1: This is a 1 hour session performed by Jenn Morgan, CCH for your attunement to crystals and a higher spiritual state.

Part 2: Teach a 1 hour practice session and submit your reflection for certification


In addition to being a Certified Crystal Healer (certified to add CCH to your name, ex; Jenn Morgan, CCH) through The Soul Filled Yogi accredited metaphysical school (accredited through the WMA) each student gets: 

+A certification diploma

+Access to Jenn for questions

+Access to a private online group 

2 quick guides for crystal healing: 

+Essential Oils & Crystals for Each Chakra by Jenn Morgan, The Soul Filled Yogi

+Crystals 101 E-Book

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