The Soul Filled Yogi Accredited Metaphysical School was created to help you find clarity & direction in your life using crystals: 


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Offerings To Help You Find Clarity:

Learn more about crystals and how their energy works. In this free course you’ll explore how these gifts from Mother Nature can change your life by helping you to find more balance, and less stress in your everyday life.

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The SHINING SOUL ACADEMY is a place for all soul seekers to come. It is the grand opportunity. It is everything I have to offer you (my signature courses, certification courses, exclusive courses) and more. Step into your own light with this full transformation program. Learn more about the Academy.


These ONLINE go-at-your-own-pace CERTIFICATION & Spiritual Development courses will help your find clarity and balance. Crystals thread through each one of my courses to help you connect deeply, increase your crystal knowledge base, and start to recognize how crystals are connected into all spiritual practices and studies. I provide an array of offerings that show you tools for healing, and the ripple out affect of healing others. You will learn holistic healing practices, and land with the credentials (and business how-to) to be a energy healer in the Holistic Healing Arts. Learn more about these courses. 


You’ll love all of the information, how-to’s, crystal topics, explanations, and self-healing tools on my BLOG. If you are searching for a crystal to solve a specific problem; emotional, physical, auric, you’ll find your answer here and a plethora of other topics. Knowledge is POWER! Visit it now.


The Soul Filled Yogi Crystal Junkie Community is an online hub for CRYSTAL LOVERS, HOLISTIC HEALERS, SELF HEALERS, and SPIRITUAL BEGINNERS to discover and learn more about healing tools. When we start to walk down a spiritual path, its easy to feel like people don’t get you. Dont go at it alone, we want to be your support system. This group has free resources, guides, live monthly calls, Q&A support, and more…Join Us.

  The System:



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