You are ready to remove blockages and patterns in your life that aren’t serving you anymore. 

You are eager to shift your mindset and ditch negative self-talk for good.

You are ready to get to know your spirit guides, animal totems, and all of the energy out there that is ready and willing to support you.

You are ready to access your own unique magic.

You are interested in crystals and ready to use them with intention and intuition as well as learn the ins and outs of their functionality and capabilities. 

You are committed to ditching fear for freedom and leaning towards joy.

Its time to discover what your life could be…

Offerings To Help You Find Clarity:

Have you ever wanted to know who you are at soul level? Why you are here? What you soul’s life purpose is? What path you are supposed to be on, and exactly what is preventing you from moving forward? My technique of Soul Alignment Coaching + Clearing is designed to give you access to this information so that you can move through your life with confidence, let go of patterns (known or unknown) that lead to self sabotage, release any trauma or mindset barrier, or karmic debt. Work with me.

My ONLINE go-at-your-own-pace certification and spiritual development courses will help you discover your passions and unique magic. All of these courses will teach you how to self-heal and shift your mindset into possibility from lack. The certification courses will give you the know-how to safely heal, and teach others if you choose, and business information to provide unique healing services with credentials as a yoga teacher, crystal healer, coach, or spiritual healing provider! Learn more…


Not ready to dive into coaching or a course? Check out the E-Book Store. All E-books are available for instant download and PDF print. I’ve got you covered on every spiritual topic from astrology to the moon! Shop Now.


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